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Pik tv app loading after update

Since the Update 3 days ago my pik tv keeps loading the pik app while I'm in other apps every 20-30 mins. Is this a update that needs to be fixed or an app setting. It is super annoying cant watch a movie on netflix with out getting kicked out 2-4 ti...

12jager34 by Just Moved In
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PIK TV 4K Broadcasting?

So the piktv app got updated recently and when watching some broadcasted movies, a small 4k icon appears when pressing info.Eg. Battle: Los Angeles (terrible movie but it was on AMC at the time of post?Are we getting 4K broadcasted content with PikTV...

Pik TV Update

We value your feedback and we're dedicated to making the Pik experience better for our valued customers! Sept 12 update We have heard your feedback about the 3rd party app interruptions affecting some customers. Starting today, the newest update will...

dru by Community Manager
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Telus satellite customers get ripped off.

I subscribe to Telus Satellite TV (as Optik TV is not available and will not be for some time where I live) I would like to access live TV. Why can’t I get some kind of associate account?

DReibin by Just Moved In
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Stuck in Google 2FA loop

I've enabled Google 2FA on my account awhile back and now when trying to launch Play store app it asks me to verify...okay no problem enter my Gmail password then chose SMS for 2-step verification code after entering code shows signing in then just k...

Programming remote for my Vizio Soundbar

I can't get the PIK TV remote to control my vizio sound bar. I've tried programming it as a "TV" and as a "Home Theatre". I've also tried all five of the code options that are presented for each.The soundbar is a Vizio SB3851-D0Any suggestions?

rcrh by Connector
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Resolved! movie rentals

Where do you find movies that can be rented?If I go to ON DEMAND and then MOVIES I only see two movies with prices on them. Is that really all that can be rented?

rcrh by Connector
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Roku TV

I want to be able to watch PIK TV on my Roku TV. I don't want another piece of equipment cluttering up my house and life. Telus - think less is more, think portable, think tiny house.......

me1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PikTV status page?

For the entire evening I'm trying to start PikTV app and it just displays a blank screen for a while, then kicks back to Home. Netflix, YouTube, etc. work.Is there a status page for the service, or is it always on our side?

LucAI by Connector
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Resolved! Pik tv on demand

I added a bunch of shows on demand to my favorites but now i have no idea how to find my favorites! Help please!

Shaunessy by Just Moved In
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