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PikTv stuck at "PikTv isn't responding"

My pikTV is stuck at Piktv isn't responding. Do you want to close it? I could not do anything with it. The remote doesn't respond. I see the options report wait ok. But couldn't select one. Since the remote isn't responding. In the background the las...

User interface kinks (Pik TV streaming box)

Context: I'm having issues with the Pik TV remote, which I'll detail in a different post, and I'm now using my TV remote to control the box (over HDMI CEC). I like using my TV remote anyway, because it gives me access to all my devices. One limitatio...

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Remote Control Programming

I have tried to program the remote control that comes with the Telus PIK-TV Box to control my Panasonic soundbar to no avail. The soundbar is model SC-HTB370... albeit a couple of years old but not exactly ancient. Anybody have any luck getting one o...

Pik TV on Abox Max

i have an Abox Max android box and i have downloaded the Pik TV App but none of my remotes work the app or on any browser if I use this media box. Is Pik TV not supported on an android box that is running 7.1.2.?

tgagne by Just Moved In
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Pik tv app not working

Help! My pik tv app on my tv is not working. I have full strength on wifi or I have great connection wired Ethernet. The app works on my iPad and on my iPhone but will not load on my tv, through the box. I tried to update and it says it is already up...

Resolved! Cannot watch pik in browser error (LP1008)

I am having issues watching pik in browser. I am getting the error LP1008.Is anyone successful in watching.I am using windows 10. Both edge and chrome get the same error.

Resolved! pic TV box just died

All of a sudden the pic box just died. No wifi or blue tooth, the remote still works but it doesn't do anything with the box. Dead screen, no error messages, is this common.....before i move the TV and box closer so i can hardwire to test the box?

rg27 by Neighbour
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Pik App for Apple TV

I was a Pik customer, and I have a Pik box. I cancelled my subscription last year for two reasons: subscription cost and the glitchy Pik box experience. The subscription cost is now $10 per month and that's fantastic! Thank you! But I've asked before...

PBA by Coach
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