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The State of Pik TV

I realize that this is not a premium product for Telus, I've never seen an ad for it.I've come to this forum for about the last year looking for solutions to various problems. These all seem to follow the same basic pattern;Somethings broken,patch in...

Qix by Connector
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HBO On Demand

Hey there. I'm thinking about getting PikTV soon and just wondering about how On Demand content works, specifically for HBO/TMN. I understand by subscribing to HBO/TMN through PikTV you do not get access to TMN GO or anything like that, but can you s...

Error 4-44-100 on Pik TV

What does this error mean? I can't watch anything, I simply get a black screen then this error.

Numberfly by Just Moved In
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Error 4-44-121

PikTV will not load any on demand tv shows or PVR'd shows. Continuously comes back with a error code of 4-44-121, and says to restart the program (which does not work). It seems like PikTV doesn't work more often then it does...Anyone else having thi...

V1023 by Just Moved In
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Mouse input

Has anyone had success trying to get some kind of mouse input working on PikTV box or is it locked down?

Resolved! PikTV Box after Cancellation

Hi Everyone, Can anyone confirm if it's not necessary to return the PikTV box after cancellation of services from Telus?

web browser - unable to scroll thru on demand shows

hi when i look for a series and pull up episodes it shows that there are say 10 but will not let me scroll down to access the ones off screen what am i doing wrong. begging to think the web browser version of pik tv is not very user friendly. - runni...

mikeb88 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik tv

Warning message “Application load time out pik services not responding” what do I need to do?

FZ by Just Moved In
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Pik not loading

Application time out every time! hard wired Ethernet connection on fibre 150! this is sooooooo frustrating!

PikTv USB port Function?

Have been trying to find information about this through Telus for some time with much frustration. Anybody have any clue what this part of the sales pitch means? -"Also enjoy access to your files easily via the USB port" THANKS, N

NBody by Connector
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