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Resolved! Pik TV on screen Guide (can it be customized?)

Hi there. I'm new to Pik TV and wonder if I can remove the channels from the Guide that I won't use.example OMNI and Legislature and all the foreign language stuff.Thanks

Tedster by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Superbowl 2020

Will I be able to watch superbowl this feb 3 thru Pik Tv in Surrey , BC?

Enolasco by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PIK APP

Anyone using firestick, NVIDIA Shield Smart TV or Adroid Box? Are you having some speed issues laggy or stopping..??

Resolved! Authentication error when cell phone tries to connect to home wifi.

For the last couples weeks my phone keeps disconnecting from my home wifi or failing to auto reconnect when I come home. When I check the wifi status it says authentication error. The password is correct, sometimes when I try to reconnect it will wor...

Jefferson by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Own router

Do I have to use the T3200 or can I use another router. I have PIK TV and Pure Fibre.

Nivende2 by Advocate
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Resolved! Premium Channel, Fairchild (Cantonese)'s On Demand Not Updating Consistently

Hello, I recently subbed to Fairchild (Cantonese Pack) and noticed a significant delay on updates for On Demand shows. There are a lot of shows that are finished airing, but are not uploaded, etc.Examples:1) Handmaiden United, randomly stopped updati...

Hong by Organizer
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Resolved! Previous Channel

Is there a way to jump to the last channel on the appletv piktv app?

Resolved! Telus Dual Band

Is there any benefit for running separate bands and connecting the Apple TV to the 5 g band. I was told that with “smart steering” the Apple TV will switch to the band has the best connection. When would you ever not want to use smart steering on the...

Nivende2 by Advocate
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Resolved! PikTV on Android Box (not Telus)

Hi, Can Pik TV app be installed on any Android box/device? what minimum Android version is required for this App?I have it currently on my Android phone, running on Android 9. Any recommendations on low cost Android boxes to run Pik TV? Additionally,...

jDon by Just Moved In
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