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Outlander on Piktv On Demand

Why isn't Outlander on Piktv on demand? I am definitely subscribed to W Network.

bcgirl by Just Moved In
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PIK Apple TV settings - Black screen issue

On another blog for DirecTV a poster suggested :This used to happen on my Samsung 4K TV. I reset the device and it didn't help. I have a high quality HDMI cable. What seems to have fixed the issue is turning on "HDMI UHD Color" for the input associat...

Nivende2 by Advocate
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When is PikTV (browser) going to stop using Flash

I've had lots of minor issues with PikTV through a browser, with Edge working slightly better than either Chrome or Firefox: Audio sync and disconnects are the primary issues. In my experience, the primary cause of this is PikTVs use of Flash which i...

RyFair by Neighbour
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When is the next Pik TV app UPDATE expected?

just wondering, because it's seems like a while since the last update I'm really hoping to see if a fix will be made for the (major) problem of users having to stop and restart the Pik TV app EVERY time before they want to watch Pik TV! this is getti...

Involuntary Upselling

When changing channel selections online be sure to check that extra services have not been added your bill without your knowledge. My experience was that when I attempted to add a single channel to my plan I was instead added a whole package that had...

NBody by Connector
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No sound using android box

I am new to piktv. I have been watching on my laptop but just received my Telus piktv android box.I followed the easy setup but no sound.Im thinking its due to my older Sony TV (it works downstairs on a newer tv)Any ideas on how to get sound?Thanks

Joh64 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pike tv play store

Why are most of the apps blocked on the play store blocked? I can't even search for ,most of them?

Abcd7981 by Just Moved In
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