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error code 4-44-104

This has happened the last couple nights. 4-44-104Changing the channel doesn't help because this comes up on every one.WiFi strength is good. Hard reboot and nothing. Anybody else? Solutions?

jstonee by Connector
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Error all the time on sorts channels. You get 3/4 of the way through. This is absolutely not ok!!

Error code 4 44 218

Whenever I try to get into on demand stuff on my android I get this code saying sorry, this content is not available to watch on a jailbroken device.Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? My device is not jail broken.

YEGdude by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Error 4-44-555

Hi. Randomly our Pik TV app on the android box will go black with this error message on the screen. It's happened a few times and sometimes it fixes itself. The app isn't frozen you can navigate but no content is displayed.

New Features on Pik TV - June 2, 2019

Update June 2nd, 2019 --- New features and performance improvements are now available to the Pik TV app on the Android Media Box, Browser, and Mobile apps. Our latest updates will enrich the experience and reduce lag. Here’s what you can expect: What...

Monitor.png mobile.png laptop.png Monitor.png
dru by Community Manager
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PikTV online won’t stream smoothly

I finally have had it with the box! So we have switched to the watered down browser option and it is BAD! No matter what browser it never streams smoothly live or on demand. It is like watching a super 8 with pause and glitches. Then I decide to go b...

No On demand content with PikTV?

So apparently subscriptions to premium channels like HBO, Sportsnet/TSN through PikTV does NOT allow the user to access any content outside of the PikTV App such as on demand services like HBOGO, SN-NOW, TSN GO. Attempting to access this content (bei...

Telus should standardize on Apple TV for Pik STB

I know it's a provocative title, but having experienced Pik on both an Android TV box (Telus's own) and Apple TV, and keep reading so many negative posts regarding Pik on Android TV, I think it's time for Telus to do themselves a favour and standardi...

PBA by Coach
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Should I call for a new box or just cancel my Pik TV service?

1. While streaming Pik TV and wanting to change channel the device becomes unresponsive to remote commands. Sometimes this triggers a restart (not hard restart). The remote is working because the response light works and it turns TV off. Disconnectin...

jstonee by Connector
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