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Does the Pik-TV Sportsnet Premium add-on include Sportsnet WL (SNWL) & Sportsnet 360+ (SN360+)?

Resolved! Cannot download Libby app

Apologies, I wrote an abbreviated question as my first attempt was rejected. I am unable to download the Libby app (for streaming material from Vancouver Public Library) as the message states that "the item is not compatible with my device" and it st...

magsan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pik TV on Telus Rural Internet

Hi all, So my scenario is, at home, I have telus purefibre and pik tv. I'm now considering getting Telus rural LTE internet for our stationary camping trailer. (confirmed the location has coverage.). My question is, if I take a google tv installed wi...

Tjop by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pick TV on Telus media box is always choppy

Hi,I have been using Pik TV now for almost 2 years. Most used on my computer browser or phone. recently I got a new Telus media box from Telus, and when I use Pik TV through the box it is so laggy and choppy.It's a wireless connection (internet 300)....

Juicebox by Neighbour
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Resolved! Apple tv

Will Telus offer the 2021 Apple TV? If so, when?

Bak81 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pik tv is not working have not been able to watch

And please help me my pink TV has not work since I got it and I don’t know why I tried it on my Xbox on my cell phone and on my laptop and nothing seems to work why

Joedean by Just Moved In
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Resolved! can't find/install Pik TV

I don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong. I've just set up my Chromcast with GoogleTV on my dumb TV. I follow the Telus instructions and search for the App it's not there. All I get is youtube videos. I've tried going through Google Play store and ...

Resolved! This program can only be played while on your Telus Home WiFi

I noticed that my internet speeds over WiFi were abysmal using the Telus WiFi HUB on my Gigabit fibre connection with Pik TV and Apple TV connected over WiFI. The issue stemmed from the HUB is in the condo closet next to the min entrance so when the ...

John_H by Organizer
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Resolved! can't load Pic tv (any channels) as error ~ "too many streams"??

on system 3 months:Using modem to apple boxes (2 tvs), one up, one down, with Pik tv.1.) Quite often when I turn on and go to guide and click channel, I get something about "too many streams" or some such message. The ultimate solution is to reboot m...

Resolved! BBC FIRST

BBC FIRST is an “On Demand” option, but you are required to sigh up first. Where can we sight up? It is not listed as one of the options for PIK TV.

MK5 by Just Moved In
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