When will web interface be updated?


The web interface for Pik TV is very outdated and still depends on Flash which is being deprecated on browsers.  Adobe has set the official end of life for Flash for the end of 2020.  


Any news on when the web interface will be updated or at least confirmation that it is even being worked on?

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Possibly by December.








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December 2020 or 2019 Dec..
I think watch optik app website need to be totally upgraded even to html5 and even support 4K streams

Don't know about others, but for me it's a show stopper. With PikTV app lacking cast support the only way to watch Pik on TV

without media player is via Chrome browser. End of Flash support by 2021 means end of PikTV for me.

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2020 is end of support for Flash in chrome... we're long due for an update since people have complained and known about this since 2016... as it is now with the killing of flash mid-2019 in chrome, but it is already difficult and troubling to use flash already.   We should have had a resolution to this years ago before "mid-2019" when chrome started auto-disabling flash.