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What was the point of the update?

It certainly didn't add anything to my experience as a user.
You took a perfectly adequate app and completely broke it.
Pre update things were working fine, not great but it was usable.

Now, I have to scroll through unsubscribed channels in the live guide which is incredibly annoying. I should be able to at least filter it to what I have subscribed too.

Searching for on demand content, the app continually tries to sell me content I know I already have access to.

When I favorite a show and then later go to watch it, there is no episode list.
When there is a list it defaults to the last episode, or it only favorites that particular episode.

And speaking of on demand, when looking at channels, specifically Crave, at least the old app had some filters in there, drama, comedy etc.. But this one can't even list all the content, it only goes as far as 'E'

Today when I went to watch some live TV I was greeted with an error message on every channel, "generic error" "server busy"

And I pretty much have to restart the app everytime I use it because of expired tokens.

Those are just a few of the issues I'm having, I also have an nvidia box, because the original telus box was such trash, but now the update has completely wrecked the functionality of the nvidia remote.

Again, not really sure what the point of this update was but it sure didn't make anything better...


AGREE! Telus took a perfectly adequate app and completely broke it. Worst update ever! Wrecked the only Guide filter that make it useable ... Favorites. This is so irritating that it's CANCEL TIME.