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We're making changes to the Pik TV app to improve your viewing experience

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey everyone, we're making some upgrades to the way you access your Pik TV services through the app and your browser. The biggest change you'll notice is that Flash is no longer required to access Pik TV through your browser along with several other upgrades for an even better experience. 


During the upgrade you may experience disruption when accessing Pik TV through your app or browser from Nov. 10 to Nov. 20, however any disruption will be temporary. To minimize disruption and give you the best viewing experience, please ensure that automatic updates have been turned on in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 


For further information on this upgrade, please visit our help section.


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Hi @whitewater 


For accessibility, the browser version includes closed captioning (CC) and described video (AD) where available. Please note that TELUS has no control over the availability of CC or AD - this is up to the individual content providers. To access these settings, click anywhere on the screen to open up the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Then click the up arrow (^) in the bottom right hand corner to open up the option to enable CC or AD. 


I'm not familiar with screen readers, but maybe this is a compatibility issue with Flash vs. HTML5? Unfortunately Flash is end of life on Dec. 31 2020 and has been slowly disabled by different browsers ahead of this deadline. Have you tried Chrome or Safari?  

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I actually have a new media box. It was shipped to me at the beginning of November. Looking at other comments on this forum leads me to believe that what I'm experiencing isn't an isolated incident. I have Telus fibre to my home and all of my other services work (eg. Skype, Zoom, YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix etc). PikTV using the media box is the only one that doesn't work, so I'm convinced it's a design flaw with the PikTV service.

I'm still having ongoing issues with the apple version of Pik as is my neighbor. Telus has sent me a new replacement Apple TV. Same issue. They claim to be "aware" of it. But in my humble opinion, they don't care. And I feel as if this should break all service agreements, since Telus can't seem figure it out.