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Video Stuttering


PIK TV downgrade ... not an upgrade. With the recent "upgrade/downgrade", I observe video stuttering in almost every TV show/movie I watch. The latest Telus commercial advertises competitors video stuttering vs Telus. I have watched the ad enough times, to know, when the stuttering is on purpose and when it is not. I observe stuttering in the ad when it should not be ... is this a joke? NOT AN UPGRADE!



Friendly Neighbour
Same, ever since we got the new pik box from telus video on every app including the regular TV app will stutter and get out of sync with the audio every ten mis or so. Then the video will freeze and get back in sync for a bit. Then another 10 mini or so and the issue will repeat. I've experienced this on the Netflix app, crave app, prime, and telus tv. What gives? Worse than he issues with the old box...

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Community Power User

How is your box connected wireless or hard wired?

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