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Unable to change subscribed channels?


Got notified today that BBC Canada is getting removed and I need to add a different channel. When I go to PikTV section in my account on - it just spins for a moment and displays a white empty page. Anyone else encountering this? I'm not on VPN, tried from two different computers and different browsers (chrome, firefox). 


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @tek9 


I just tried from my both my browser and the My TELUS app, and they both worked. The browser was a bit slow to load, but it got there. I'd suggest trying again. If that doesn't work, you could try chatting in or calling (see contact us at the bottom of the page). First thing in the morning usually has the shortest wait times.


I have the same problem, and have also checked with a variety of browsers. Seems like Telus has no plan to fix this, as it has been going on for many weeks now. When I contacted an online support person at Telus they also said they were currently unable to change PIkTV subscribed channels!

I ended up contacting the support (chat) to add 1 program manually (in place of BBC Canada that was being dropped). After that was done - the website started magically working again.