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Two TVs connected to Telus Boxes are not in Synch

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I have 2 TVs which are connected to its own Telus TV Box.

One is located at the Living room and one is located at the kitchen.

The one at the Living room is the master.


The connections of both TVs are as follows

1. Internet Router to Coaxial Cable

2. Coaxial Cable to a ActionTec Box (Coaxial signal to Internet Signal)  

3. Internet input to the TechniColor Box

4. HDMI from the TechniColor Box to the TV


Both of the TVs are working fine. The picture and sound of individual TV is in synch.

However, I have found that the one at the Living Room has about 1 to 2 seconds lag (picture and sound) compared to the one at the Kitchen.

When I was standing in the middle between the Living Room and the Kitchen, I could hear the sound from 2 TVs not in synch.

It's a bit annoying. I have called the Telus Technical Support. The technician told me that it cannot be fixed. Is it true ?

Or there is any work around to fix this issue.


The signals of both of the TV boxes are connected from the same Internet router. I don't quite understand why there are so much lags.

I would be appreciated if anyone of you can shed some lights on this issue. Thanks.



It's true, my TVs are never in sync. Normally the TV connected to the main box is ahead  of the remote.. 


I attribute  this to to be due to the delay associated with buffering the data first on the main  box, wifi delays and then buffering on the remotes.


I had the same delay on my previous shaw system.


Unless you like to watch the same program on two different TV's at the same time I don't see how this is a problem.