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Telus - Why would you deploy Pik "upgrade"?

Just Moved In

This hot mess is clearly barely functional.  I have to reboot my device and/or logout/login again on a daily basis.  There's no way you even bothered to test this before rolling it out.  Why not rollback until you get this sorted out?  It's been weeks and you've done nothing.


I agree. I have been watching Pik TV on Edge without any problems. Went to watch this morning, advised of new site address to use, open that and now I get a playback error. Ran all the developer tools and it advised there is a problem with it “pausing”…which means that when you click on a show, it interprets this as “pausing”

Community Power User
Community Power User

Others have had difficulty with the Edge browser. Have you tried it with Chrome or Firefox?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! 


Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the new Pik upgrade.

If reinstalling the app/ rebooting the device doesn't help, we recommend calling our technical support for further troubleshooting.

I’m not running this through an app, but through thr Edge browser