TELUS: Tell us what happened on Oscar night


Well, that was not Pik's shining moment, was it? 


Last night was, for me, my primary use case for the product: watching live sport, live events or first run shows. And it failed. Badly.


For me, I tuned into to watch the Oscars at 5pm Pacific (Apple TV app), and for about 90 mins all was good. Pick was running, picture quality was good, sound was good. Then, a spinning buffering wheel with no picture, but sound. Then it crapped-out.


I got constant 4-44-103 errors on my iOS devices, and an "Unable to connect to HTTP" error on my Apple TV. Definitely not a network issue my end, as I was able to watch Crave on my Apple TV. This has not happened to me since coming back to Pik when the Apple TV App was launched.


So what happened Telus? 


I'm a fan of Pik, and I see tremendous potential in the Pik Platform. But when I really wanted it to perform, it took an almighty, system-wide, crash. 


Was it demand? Too many users watching "Walking Dead" or the "Oscars"? 


Telus, please don't leave us in the dark. Those of us on the forum are your brand ambassadors. We are the word of mouth that will make or break Pik. No amount of advertising dollars will make up for out word of mouth that "Pik can't cut it when it counts."


Telus: Tell us what happened so we can understand and help you help yourselves. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi@PBA !

Thanks for reaching out, we definitely understand how you feel! Service outages are never something we’d like our clients to experience. The PIK TV service disruption was due to a cloud service failure, but everything should be back up and running currently. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outage.


The system appears to be down again, for the second night in a row. Not a good look . . .


See too - but it just came back up.  Almost seems like when the 'live' shows  i.e. Bacholor come on, the system cannot handle it.


Telus - you have some work to do!



Me too - but it just came back up.  Almost seems like when the 'live' shows  i.e. Bacholor come on, the system cannot handle it.


Telus - you have some work to do!


Friendly Neighbour

I have been getting this very same problem almost every night since early January when I switched to Telus. Everything works but PIK TV.


Connected with Apple TV and Ethernet cable.


It has gotten to the point that PIK TV is completely useless. My wife refuses to watch it because it fails after 40 minutes and she misses the end of the program. The remote on the Apple TV is also very difficult for her to operate. The motion is very inconsistent despite trying different settings and it is kind of spastic - not smooth operating like a quality touch pad or mouse.



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Community Power User
The remote operation is an Apple problem. While it’s simplicity some people like. It has it’s own drawback of being to simple, with the touch pad (that performs poorly) and few buttons.

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Same thing happend to me for the Oscar night!!

Well down again today!! No TV at all on my iPhone or laptop. I have completely given up on the box!!

Sorry about that! Our team was made aware of an issue with the service this morning, and they're working on a resolution as we speak. Have you tried rebooting your equipment to see if that resolves the issue?