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Streaming of TV Shows Freezing Permanently


I used my BeeLink BT3 Pro mini computer for streaming of TV shows in the Internet browsers using Pik TV app. Before TELUS upgraded this app I had no issues with streaming, but now with the new Pik TV app it is freezing every 3 sec. The Technical Support representative that I contacted told me that there is nothing to do about this. The new Pik TV app apparently requires more resources from the computer, and those, not so capable ones are useless for streaming anymore. This is very frustrating. The new TELUS updates should not behave this way, this is completely unacceptable.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Due to Flash support ending, and being no longer available, PikTV had no option except to be moved to HTML5. This likely uses more resources, so not many options available. As computing power increases, the software running on it also seems always to consume more resources. A never-ending spiral.


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