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Streaming freezes, Error 4-44-128, and... wifi?


Just to add to the chorus.

This seems to be worse now than when we got the box around Christmas.


Far and away the worst seems to be the Pik TV App itself.

Frequently there are patches of time where live playback will freeze and often give up with "change channels to retry" or similar messages.


Restarting the box sometimes seems to help, but often it just limps along, stuttering and freezing, just getting your hopes up before it gums up again.


It doesn't seem to matter at all what signal strength it says the wifi is, or even necessarily what the light on the box suggests is the state of the network/connection.


Streaming on a computer in the same room as the TV box rarely has issues, IIRC.

And the internet connection itself is fine.


Sometimes Netflix or YouTube also have problems on the box, but not on the computer.


So I don't know what to blame most, or whether to bother trying a hardwired connection (or a range extender).


(We got our router installed in a different room from the TV, so it would take patching some cables to get ethernet from point A to point B.)


I guess I should just do some experiments with the TV box in the office (with the router) hooked up to a screen to see how it performs wired and/or closer to the router.


Other than that, are people still seeing results from voodoo like rolling back app versions?



No improvement when I did reset or rollback.  Maybe it is a config on the server side or a hardware deficiency on the client boxes.