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Sportsnet channels (bitrate/video compression issue)

Community Power User
Community Power User

Tuned into Sportsnet channels during the NHL Playoffs. Not sure of bitrate/compression of those channels. Commercials don't notice the issue.

During hockey game

- Motion appears jittery and not a smooth viewing experience

- Blurred and macro blocking

There is no issue when viewed on Optik TV. It almost makes it unbearable to watch, as it plays with your eyes.

From the logs Min bitrate is 500, starting bitrate is 3700 with a Max limit of 6000. (Is there a way to check the current bitrate being received on our box realtime) [netflix you can hit Info and appears top left] Vidfx streamer shows a max resolution of only 1280x720 is this the max resolution the app is streaming at?



I also notice this on Sportsnet too, especially when looking at the ice during a hockey game, you can see a lot of macro blocking but on CBC it seems to be OK.