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Should I call for a new box or just cancel my Pik TV service?


1. While streaming Pik TV and wanting to change channel the device becomes unresponsive to remote commands.  Sometimes this triggers a restart (not hard restart). The remote is working because the response light works and it turns TV off. Disconnecting the device from power solves this until the next time. 


2. PikTV box drops internet signal. When reconnecting it tells me I must re-enter the wifi password. Repeatedly tells me my simple password is incorrect. 


3.  General interface is laggy.


4. Streaming Netflix. I get that orange, blue, grey static and a reboot. This is not a full reboot as it doesn't show the reboot android logo and such and all apps are still running from before the shut down. This shut down can happen on the welcome preview screen, 2 mins in or an hour in to watching. 


I have cleared caches and data and has not solved the problem neither has hard reboots. I also kill apps before moving on to a new one (PikTV, Netlfix, or Spotify). The system and apps are up to date.



For the most part, I'm just going to say 'that's the way things are' right now. For #1 and #2, I no longer have the Pik service, but when I did, it wasn't much unlike what you've experienced.


For #3, the box is relatively slow, so laggy would be a good description.


For #4, Telus has acknowledged this issue, and has been happening since late December. But there is no fix in sight. Netflix is completely B-ROKE.