Setting a fixed IP address for the Telus box?


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I have my router connected to a timer so it turns off every night and back on each morning (for various reasons)


to prevent instances of my router choosing a different IP address for my Telus Pik TV box upon subsequent startups, I want to dedicate a fixed IP address for it


I am able to lock in a fixed IP address in my router for any given device (linked to its unique MAC address)... I can do this by logging into the admin settings for my router and setting it up's quite straightforward, and I've done this in the past


Q1: exactly what do I need to do in my Telus box settings to make sure this works?

Q2: which IP address do I use and where do I get it? (to enter in my router)


I can see in my Telus box under Settings > Network > IP Settings where I can choose between "DHCP" or "Static", but sure how to proceed there, or if this will have any effect on what I want to accomplish


strangely, I can find nowhere online that explains these settings in the Telus box (there actually aren't many settings available in the Telus box, it sure would be helpful to have even a basic explanation of each option, especially those that are more technical or critical)


thank you!

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Q2: Assign a static IP on your router first for the Pik TV. Make sure the last number is higher than 64 as that's the lowest IP the router will assign.

Q1: Go into the network settings on the Pik TV and change it to static IP. Enter the IP you assigned to it from Q2. 

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thanks Nighthawk...


but what about the other info it asks for in the "Static" option section?


this is specifically what it requires:

- IP address

- Gateway

- Network prefix length

- DNS 1

- DNS 2



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The IP address you will need to assign to the Pik TV's MAC address on the router first. That IP address is what you enter on the Pik TV settings. For the rest of the list go with whatever defaults it puts in or if in doubt check the IP details / ipconfig on your computer. Gateway/prefix/dns will be the same across all devices on your network unless you specify a custom DNS on one of them. Only the IP will be unique to each device.

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OK, I have done it, and will see if this fixes my problems... will report back in a day or so



There are two ways to accomplish what you want. The simplist is to have your router permanently assign an address to the pick box.  You will not have to make any changes to the pick TV box.


Another way would be, on the pick tv to assign a static address outside of the range of address that the router assigns via the settings on the pick box