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Set up restricted profile on 'new' Pik TV digital box?


Hi all,

Is it possible to set up a Restricted profile on the new Pik TV box like I'd already set up on the old one?

If not, how am I supposed to curate apps or content for my kids?  I am really hoping I can block a bunch of apps, e.g. YouTube.

Also, I don't want them messing about with my profile.



TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @insyzygy 


Restricted profiles aren't currently supported on the TELUS TV Digital Box, but we are looking at adding purchase and parental PINs in the future. 


I'm not sure how sophisticated your kids are, but you can remove apps from the home screen by removing them from your favourites: bring the app icon into focus state, then hold down the OK button and you should see 'Open, Move, 'Remove from favourites, Info'. Note that the app will still appear if you press the apps button on the remote control. The other option is to set up restrictions or PINs within the individual apps (Restricted mode in YouTube, for example).


Hi, Thanks for the reply.

What is the ETA for the parental PIN feature? 
Removing YouTube from favourites list doesn't handle my use-case since YouTube already has a dedicated row further down the screen.

I disabled and stopped the app via the app menu so that's a temporary fix.

Restricted Mode within YouTube doesn't help my use case either and YouTube in-app PIN isn't a thing (although it is with Disney+).

Hi, I was looking for an update on this parental PIN feature and when/if it will be released on PikTV? Thanks