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Problems with pik media box

Just Moved In

Had pik tv for a couple months now and nothing but problems.


  • Guide is slow often taking 5-30 seconds to react to remote. 
  • Playback is choppy from time to time and requires the box to be unplugged
  • now I'm getting an application load timeout error or its saying I'm not connected to the internet and it can't update, however pik tv is working fine on my iPad which is connected to the internet. My wifi signal strength is strong and under settings>network it says I'm connected. 

I've tried unplugging the box, resetting the box, and doing a factory data reset, all multiple times... still having problems. 


Also tried connecting to the google play store to update pik tv that way but after trying to log to in to google I get a "network connectivity lost" error.




not a happy customer...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Jpohlic, most of those issues should be corrected with the latest firmware update, version 1.88.202. If you haven't done so already, navigate to the Google Play store on your box and update your Pik TV app.


If you continue to experience issues, please give technical support a call via: 1-888-811-2323. 

Hi  @Jpohlic


I had choppy connection at first as well, couple observations:

- it was choppy on wifi, once i connected to wired LAN line it has been ok

- remote delay, two things is bluetooth so it will be slower then traditional "point" type remote; I still see remote "channel change" not responding for ~30sec occasionally ..not sure what is causing that






by any chance is your router turning on/off every day?


I had this issue (losing internet connectivity), and it was linked to the fact that my router is on a timer to turn off overnight, and sometimes it would allocate a new IP address to my Telus Pik box the next day


I fixed this by forcing my router to use a FIXED IP address for my Telus box (to it's MAC address)... that way, the IP address never changes


I did this by accessing my router's admin settings, under "advanced"


good luck!

Just Moved In
I've only had Pik Tv for a couple weeks but It seems like this box is just not very good. Either that or the Pik TV app is not very good.

Super slow response times in the Pik Tv app. Guide often takes 10+ secs come up.
Just very sluggish overall when navigating.

Simple commands don't work with the remote voice commands. Change channel to "blank", nothing happens. Remote also has no option to try and pair with my Yamaha sound bar. Last time I checked Yamaha makes quite a bit of home theater sound equipment. Seems odd they left that brand out.

The box also has problems with some of the other apps I use. Video skips sometimes as though it's having problems processing the video. I'm plugged in via ethernet so it's not likely that it's the connection.

It would be nice if I could just get the app on my fire tv stick. Even to have something to compare it to.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@Porkchopolous wrote:
It would be nice if I could just get the app on my fire tv stick. Even to have something to compare it to.

Folks who have tried the App on Apple TV report a superior experience.


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