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PikTV on AppleTV 4k Stuttering

Just Moved In

I'm having issues since about mid December with the PikTV app stuttering.  Seems like the quality of the streaming has gone down too.  Happens on both my AppleTV 4ks.  I thought it was maybe my ADSL, but the interesting part is that I don't see any issues on Crave, Disney+, Amazon, or Netflix. All those work perfectly.  It's just the PikTV App itself.


We can safely rule out local network issues.  (I do that for a living), there's no indication of packet loss or any issues.  All cabled with CAT6 tested cable.   I can't see it being an issue with the AppleTV itself, as it happens on both of them, and no other stream service has any issues.


Has anyone else noticed pausing in their video?




Just Moved In

I have also been having issues with the pik tv app on my apple 4k box. I am having issues with the audio from live tv playing and not stopping when I change channels. Then i have two audio sources playing when I am trying to watch a new show. This has been happening since December as well. Only way to fix it is to remove power source then plug back in. I have also been having issues with the app not loading, just stays stuck on the pik tv symbol and never opens. No other apps on the 4k box have any issues.