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PikTV on Android Box (not Telus)

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Hi, Can Pik TV app be installed on any Android box/device? what minimum Android version is required for this App?

I have it currently on my Android phone, running on Android 9. Any recommendations on low cost Android boxes to run Pik TV?


Additionally, if Telus Android Box is the only option to connect to my TV, what are the current specs for the Telus Android Box (Android Version/RAM/Storage etc.) Does it work like any other Android TV box in functionality? (Android Apps, APKs etc.)


Looking forward to your responses. New in this neighborhood 🙂 


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Android TV version of the PikTV app is currently only released for the Telus' PikTV box. A number of people are hoping it gets Nvidia Shield support soon.


If you get one of those cheap generic Android boxes, they aren't typically running the Android TV platform so in theory the phone app can be installed on them but it likely won't work well, if at all, as it's designed for a touchscreen interface and doesn't have support for a remote.


The Pik TV box itself is a bit of an older piece of hardware. It's running AndroidTV 7.1.1, has 5GB of storage and 1.4GB of ram according to the System Information page on the box itself. It will run apps designed for the AndroidTV platform, including Plex. Amazon Prime doesn't support it at this time. Compatible apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store on the box itself.

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Thanks for the response!