PikTV - Telus Android Box


PikTV - Telus Android Box

Is anyone else having issues with their Pik box for the past few nights?  It worked at about 6pm then when we turned it on again at 9:30pm all we got was a black screen.  Cleared the cache, rebooted the box and still the same thing.  The box did the same thing yesterday too!  Very frustrating.

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Same issue tonight during middle of big brother. Black screen. Reboot. No fix. Clear cache and data no fix. Still black screen. Missed best parts of show. Internet working as tested with YouTube on box. So it's a piktv issue

I just got off the phone with support and they advised me there was an outage for all tv stuff (PIK & Optik). There was an issue on the backend which they have since resolved. This was one issue where running it on a better android box wouldn't have fixed it (although I would still like be able to do that!!).

Heard people say the experience is way better on the Apple TV device.

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I was so hoping they would let nvidia shield install the app. I think the issue is the poor quality box more so than the app. With Telus going to unlimited downloads the shield would work better. I don't have an Apple phone or anything. I have android and a Google home. So I was hoping they would expand the android app to more devices.