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PikTV : Horrible experience so far. What was "sold" to me was FAR FAR from what it is

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i would say 75% of the reason why i went with telus vs shaw is because the door knocker telus rep sold me on PIK TV, that you can watch it anywhere, on demand, free channels to select.


what i DIDNT know is that it is very buggy, interface is horrible, on-demand is non existent unless you PAY EXTRA, ONLY 2 devices allowed at the same time seriosuly? HD resolution is CRAP at 720p.  it teases you with things like 4k below, but guess what, it shows in 720p... or am i missing something?


95% of the interface shows things i cant watch without paying or , it is veyr veyr confusing. i select the 5 free piktv along with the basics, CAN YOU PLEASE JUST SHOW ME WHAT I'M SUBSCRIBED TO without all the BS?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Sounds like Optik would be a better choice for you. PikTV is designed for low volume cord cutters who want a small amount of TV viewing for a small price. It is not meant to support multiple TV households.The VOD television programming released by the copyright holders is available at no cost. VOD movies are available at cost on both Optik or PikTV. Quite a number of folks have found the Apple TV experience better than the PikTV device, but YMMV.

At the top of the PikTV Guide Screen is a option to filter by Subscribed. Does this not work for you?


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Just Moved In

Wow thanks for this information. So, all Pik TV contents are 720p only (about 1 megapixel) in 2019, when the average iPhone records video in 4K (about 8 megapixels) and almost all new Youtube videos, which are free for all, are 1080p (about 2 megapixels) and above? Oh, Pik TV is a paid service? lolz

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Many broadcasters out there still broadcast in 720p also. 

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