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Pik tv with AppleTV HD box

Picture freezes audio keeps working fine. The picture UN freezes runs in fast forward catches up then run fine until it happens again

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Robwoz 


Are you running the most up-to-date version of the Pik app? It should be 1.5.1. If you are up to date, I'd suggest force-quitting the app (double click the remote touchpad and swipe up on the Pik app), and if this doesn't resolve it, uninstall and re-install the Pik app. I'd also recommend hard-wiring the Apple TV with ethernet if possible - sometimes WiFi is the culprit. 

I did have 1.5.1 Couldn’t find forced shut off But did delete and reinstalled it and it’s still doing it. The apple box is hard wired also

I have the same issue. Using Pik TV app (1.5.1) on my Apple TV and the app periodically freezes (image freezes audio keeps going), after a few seconds the video runs in fast-forward until it catches up and then it works fine for a some time until it freezes again.


I deleted and re-installed the app, restarted my router, restarted Apple TV. My Apple TV is connected via Wifi, but that can't be the problem since I'm able to watch Netflix 4K just fine.


It all started after my Apple TV updated the Pik TV app. I've been using Pik TV for 1 year now and never had these kind of issues.


Any help is appreciated.

@KHR I love how passively you blamed his wifi.

I'm also STILL having the same issue. I have deleted/reinstalled the app 6x, turned off SSO (which is broken) hardwired (even though all other apps/internet related items work) since the November 12 update my pik has not worked. Telus you broke something.

The fix I'm at now is since Telus gave me apple tv box they are sending out another. We will see if that is just another Telus bandaid or not.

Hi @AbBowhunter @messna @Robwoz 


Sorry to hear that you're still experiencing the issue. Is it happening on live TV as well as On Demand, and if live, is it across all channels? Does it appear only on start-up or in the middle of watching? For what it's worth, I'm not trying to blame the Wifi, just suggesting common troubleshooting steps. The Pik app is working fine on my Apple TV 4K and on those of colleagues I've spoken to. I'm on the latest app version and hardwiredto ethernet so I thought I'd start there. Obvisously it's not working for everyone. If you've force-closed the app, logged out and back in, un-installed and re-installed, rebooted the box (unplug and plug it back in) etc., then your best bet it to call in for live troubleshooting with tech support. Seems like you've done that and they're sending a new unit. 



I got the replacement Apple TV and the same issue is happening. All my other streaming apps work my internet works (primarily because I don't have a Telus modem, they are garbage!!) This is a Telus issue. Plain and simple.
And for the record. The phone support is horrible! They aren't technical, the read from a script and Telus doesn't even support most of features with in their own firmware like port forwarding!!!
I am waiting for manager to call me back. Enough is enough.

I am also having this issues, it’s becoming pretty frustrating as I used to watch just fine without issue. Mine is hard wired to my router, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, still does it. It pauses, audio keeps going, and then the video fast forwards to catch up. It does this on both the Optik TV app and Pik TV app.

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I'm also having the same issue. Extremely frustrating.

Me too. I'm also having the same issue. Extremely frustrating. Is there a solution in sight...