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Pik tv update

Hey i got a google account and i am wondering why this pik tv will not update when it says there is an update during a tv show etc you cant click ok
Then when i go to the settings it says its updated

Community Power User
Community Power User

So, it has it indeed updated, or are you seeing repeated messages?


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Sorry late reply yeah i see it at the top of the screen and it says an update is ready for tv subscription and gives an option to update and or button to ok for details but you cant period and when im in settings of the box it says its updated

Can you post a picture of this “message”.

There is no way to post a photo on here ?? But will take photo when i see it again

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can post a photo from the browser interface on a computer or tablet. The interface on a phone does not include the options to post a photo, links, etc.  for some reason.


If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Kudo"

Hey someone from telus said the box updates automatically but the subscriptions you have to update via google not the box its self so i have solved this one

Then today my channels decided to not all work ugh

PikTV your service/subscribed channels are managed with Telus. You’re just launching an app on a google TV device. All APP updates are handled through google play, and are automatically updated when developers release newer versions.

Reapeated messages and like i cant even click right or left to see the details or click update

Also i know my remote works for sure

Again use a computer not mobile and post a picture. I’ve never seen this message on my PikTV device, and you’re the first person to have this issue.

We can then tag the appropriate person to look into this for you.

Will do when i get to a computer 😞
Telus will be here anyways the 14th