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Pik tv lack of controls and available programming

Just Moved In

Not sure what i expected but after running free range for awhile i guess i thought  they would be comparable but there is no comparison. Pik has no full screen option, no volume control and you have to shut down the player to browse other programming. What else? No pause option, shows programs on the guide that just will not open for love nor money and on and on.  Maybe i am not playing it correctly but so far as i can see, it is far behind the competition's offering.


Community Power User
Community Power User
What are you watching piktv on? Because the piktv device has volume, guide and is always “full screen”.

Regarding the always full screen part...
I can never get the video to fill the whole monitor and can always see the window bar at the top of the browser and the scroll bar on the sides... any knowledge about how to fix this? I check my chrome settings and managed to hid the bookmarks bar but can’t get rid of the other stuff. TIA!

Community Power User
Community Power User

The PikTV image should be formatted 16:9 - the ratio of a TV screen. If your monitor is a different aspect ratio, then black bars might well cover the difference of the screen. PikTV fills both screens in my house, using Apple TV, or the PikTV device itself.


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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @FGS and @andreathssn 


From the description, it sounds like you're both watching on your computer's browser:


1. In order to get to full screen, hit the F11 key. This toggles fullscreen on and off.


2. Your laptop volume can usually be controlled by function buttons (sometimes F8 and F9). If you're plugging your laptop into your TV via HDMI, you can control volume from the laptop or with your TV remote.


3. You can pause On Demand programming if the content provider has allowed it, but Pik does not include the capability of pausing, fast forwarding or rewinding live TV.


4. Finally, you don't need to stop playback to see what else is on - if you mouse over the screen, you will see a 'View Guide' button in the top right of your screen. If clicked, it will open up a guide in the bottom left corner of the screen that you can scroll through while playback continues. 


As @NFtoBC mentioned, both the Apple TV and Pik TV media box remotes have volume buttons, and if you're using these, it should be in fullscreen unless the aspect ratio of your TV has been changed from the default.