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Pik not loading


Application time out every time!


hard wired Ethernet connection on fibre 150!


this is sooooooo frustrating!


Just Moved In

Same thing happened to me this morning... I went into settings, apps, and Pik Tv and uninstalled the updates... Then it worked. 


Not sure if it will keep working - the Pik TV app is extremely slow and resetting the box or restarting the app doesn't seem to fix it. Clearing the cache helped for a short time....


This box is underpowered - not enough RAM, not enough FLASH... Silly for Telus to go with it.  They'll just end-up with frustrated customers.

I also uninstalled the PIK TV App updates and now the issue where PIK TV starts up randomly seems to have gone away. Just remember to turn off auto updates in the google play store or else it will just re-install it.