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Pik TV on Nvidia Shield

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yes I know that the Telus Android box is a good one, but I already have a NVidia Shield and don't want to add another box around my TV.


Is there any update on when Pik TV will be available for the Nvidia Shield. Right now the Google Play store doesn't allow the installation. I assume due to what is defined in the Manifest of the App.


2018-12-28 16_41_52-Pik TV™ - Apps on Google Play.png



There has been no mention for a very long time about an open AndroidTV app. I know I seen a mention of one a long time ago from a telus employee(cant remember the name) but that post appears to have been deleted. Several people have also tried to sideload the app with out success. I to am very much hoping they will release an app that I can use on nvidia shield. I know others here have said that the PikTV box is good and I used to think that as well, but no longer.  We are now waiting on our second replacement(3rd box). For me they seem to start out ok but with in a few months they start dying. App freeze ups, locks ups to where you have to pull the power cord, self reboots, random loss of network connection. Wife actually wants me to cancel now because she is done with it till it is fixed. Sorry, went off on a little rant...but frustrated.


Come on Telus, please support the Pik TV app on the Shield! I like the service, but there's no way I'm adding a second (inferior) Android TV box to my living room.

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I too have 3 NVIDIA Shield boxes and run everything off those. I truly do want this service but not if I have to purchase another 3 boxes just to get them on each of my TV's. @telus Please create an AndroidTV version on the app. At the very least just so it can run on a more powerful Android box to increase the positive reviews of the app itself.

It is possible to install and use Pik TV on any Android TV device, like the Shield - unofficially, of course. Google for instructions.

But yes, it is still ridiculous that Telus is not officially supporting other devices.


As noted by another user, this is online for the apk file, there are mods out there.  I have it sideloaded on an Amazon Fire TV 4K stick and it works great.