Pik TV is now on Apple TV

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It depends on the picture quality of the video you are streaming. Telus does not publish the info, but for comparison, Netflix streams at approximately the following rates:


ResolutionStreaming BitrateHourly Conversion
480p (720×480)1750 kbps~792 MB per hour
720p (1280×720)3000 kbps~1.3 GB per hour
1080p (1920×1080)4300-5800 kbps~1.9 GB to ~2.55 GB per hour
1440p (2560×1440)6350 kbps~2.8 GB per hour
4K (3840×2160)8000-16000 kbps~3.5 GB to ~7 GB per hour
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How do you control Close Captioning for Pik app installed on an Apple TV.   Easy to  do on a Pik TV remote but I cannot turn off CC on the Pik app running on my Apple TV ?

Just Moved In
Swipe down on the remote. Below the title and time bar you will see 3 icons (i) on the right and (cc) and (ad) on the left. Swipe over to (cc) and click

Further if you swipe down again while on live tv you will see the quick access bar. Swipe left right to quickly access other channels.