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Pik TV is now on Apple TV

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Neighbours, some exciting news! We're dedicated to providing you with new and exciting features that make streaming live TV better and easier. Our latest milestone puts Pik TV for the first time on Apple TV, providing an overall enhanced viewing experience without the need for additional hardware.


Here's some info on how to watch Pik TV on your Apple TV.


1) Start watching live TV on your Apple TV

Using your Apple TV 4K or any 4th generation Apple TV device, simply download the Pik TV app and login using your My TELUS credentials.


2) On Demand purchases

Currently, On Demand purchases are unavailable via the Pik app on Apple TV. We're working hard to enable this feature. In the meantime, you can easily make On Demand purchases through your browser or any Android device. In addition, you are still able to watch already purchased assets on your Apple devices.


3) Having issues with your Apple TV?

TELUS does not support hardware issues for Apple TV. For Apple TV related issues, please contact Apple directly or visit


For more details on Pik TV, please visit the Pik TV website

For support articles, please visit the dedicated Pik TV support articles

For more discussions topics, please visit the Pik TV Neighbourhood forums


I am using a Apple TV on PIK.

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Any news on the ATV app fix ? I have been away for a while but when I came back the black screen issue is still  there.  Just an annoyance not a showstopper.  thx

You are not alone. Nothing fixed - as expected - with the "new" version, for the media box too. Just don't spent a single penny on "more capable hardware" until word is out from somebody, that PikTV is finally fixed and working, which most likely is not going to happen before the pos is dead.


Telus - the future sucks!


I seem to have gotten through a hockey game with no black screen on my Apple TV. If I get a black screen I close the PIK app and restart it again . Not ideal but I still think that Pik is still a good cord cutter solution (if you have an Apple TV).

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Hi @Nivende2 

We have a fix for the black screen issue and have been looking to add additional testers to verify the fix. Would you like to help us test new features, fixes with future releases? If so, please send me a direct message and I can help you out. 


Yes but unsure how to send private message thx

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Click on their name here a window will open up. You will see a big green button send private message.

Thanks,  I did not know that .  

Hi new here and also new Telus internet and Pik TV customer with new ATV 4K and having the black out issue. I would like to be on board to try and test if you have beta apps or solutions.

I should add that the Android box works and that Telus has tried hard to resolve the problem.

I ran a Apple TV 4K - PIK  test on my other TV but had the same results - A black screen after about 90 minutes. Must be the app or network is the problem.  Whether via wifi or ethernet - the results were the same. 

Same here... just got Pik TV... and on Apple TV, after around 90 min, black screen... close the app, and was able to get back... but definitely it’s error with app or network etc... I have the feeling, Telus got a setting ... since everybody seems to get it around 90 min...


hope for a fix soon.

Also I noticed... this is not on the Apple TV app, but the iPad app... when I tried to connect to CBC French, I always get a messaging impossible to view unless I’m on my Telus network... and I am... weird.

I’m having same issue. New to Pik tv and running it on 4th gen Apple TV. Screen goes black after a while, existing and restart app works. Pretty lame

Basically I just close the app and restart it before watching TV . I stopped with the special settings.

Do any of you on pure fibre use the t3200 and have the blackout issue? I go from the ONT to a USG, then 24p gigabit switch, devices.

Community Power User
Community Power User
It’s a software issue (app) not hardware. It requires a update one which hopefully comes soon.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

This is awesome! great milestone. Is there a timeline for being able to cast PikTV from our phones?

Community Power User
Community Power User
To my knowledge there isn’t any provider in Canada that allows live tv casting.

On the new pure fibre plans page Telus has an Ad which suggests trying Pik TV. The image they use clearly has the casting symbol which is very misleading. You have more clout here so maybe bring it up to someone. I can pm a pic of it.

@brownknuckles yes please can you send me a screenshot and I'll raise this with the right people to have this corrected. I agree this would be misleading if you were trying to cast/Airplay content as that is not supported at this time. Thanks for the flag!