Pik TV is now on Apple TV

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Pik TV is now on Apple TV

Hey Neighbours, some exciting news! We're dedicated to providing you with new and exciting features that make streaming live TV better and easier. Our latest milestone puts Pik TV for the first time on Apple TV, providing an overall enhanced viewing experience without the need for additional hardware.


Here's some info on how to watch Pik TV on your Apple TV.


1) Start watching live TV on your Apple TV

Using your Apple TV 4K or any 4th generation Apple TV device, simply download the Pik TV app and login using your My TELUS credentials.


2) On Demand purchases

Currently, On Demand purchases are unavailable via the Pik app on Apple TV. We're working hard to enable this feature. In the meantime, you can easily make On Demand purchases through your browser or any Android device. In addition, you are still able to watch already purchased assets on your Apple devices.


3) Having issues with your Apple TV?

TELUS does not support hardware issues for Apple TV. For Apple TV related issues, please contact Apple directly or visit support.apple.com/en-ca.


For more details on Pik TV, please visit the Pik TV website

For support articles, please visit the dedicated Pik TV support articles

For more discussions topics, please visit the Pik TV Neighbourhood forums

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Did you just subscribe, or are you a longer term PikTV user?

Have recent logins on the PikTV device been successful?

Your My TELUS (formerly My Account) credentials are working for the My Telus Login?


If other logins are successful, You may need a reset of your account. I suggest contacting Telus through their social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook, to save you waiting time.


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@Boomer407 Can you force close the app by double clicking the TV app button, swiping up on the Pik TV app and then re-launch it. Please let me know if that resolves the issue - if not, please PM me so that I can take a look at your login issue.

Force closing the app does not fix the issue, I’m a longer term Pik tv subscriber, have had it for about 6 months. My TELUS account logins still function correctly on my desktop and on the Pik tv box

1Hr 45 to get through on the phone finally sorted this out. Something had to be reset on the back end

After a couple days of using the new Apple TV app, I find it much more responsive with a better user interface than the Pik tv box. I am having some issues with the app crashing mid streaming, which requires a reboot to the Apple TV. Happens randomly but usually after 30 minutes to an hour of viewing.

@Boomer407 Thanks for this feedback, I may reach out with some additional questions as we work through the root cause. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

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I found it goes to a black screen at program change sometimes on the half hour, sometimes on the hour. Pressing Menu a couple of times brought me back to a recovery point.
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Have a look at the thread here.

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I'm too old to fall for a fishing scam!



  • TELUS account number (found on your bill)
  • App store account associated with the device(s) that you will be using for Pik TV trials







We are trying to recruit more testers for both Apple TV and iPhone/iPad. Sumeet is a member of our Product Development team helping us to extend the trial group so you may not have been as familiar with her on this forum.

I do hope that if you're interested you join our test group. We pushed out a new Pik TV app update last night for Apple TV which should resolve the black screen issue and also has some new features like auto-play next episode when watching an On Demand TV Series.

Either way, I'm interested in hearing you're feedback so if you don't want to join the trial please continue to post on here or you can send me your feedback directly.

Thanks again for your support,

Product Development Team

So far no black screen! Thanks

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Hi Nivende2,


Do you know if the App you tested has officially rolled out or not?  I missed my chance to be a tester.




I am only on a test group for the iPhone app not the TV app and no it has not.

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Just to close off the question in case anyone else was wondering, but the black screen issue was fixed on April 4th. 

Thanks again to everyone providing feedback in this forum!

I created an account on this community for the sole reason of reporting that I have the exact same issue. I have an AppleTV 4th gen with piktv app and it goes black during live TV streaming. I'll watch for some more specifics but it is pretty annoying, and the fact that so relatively few people with this setup have had the same issue leads me to believe it's likely systemic. Hopefully can be resolved as it is quite annoying!

@NFtoBC thanks for the feedback, is it when you've been watching for a while (+3 hours) or even if you tune in to a channel watch a show and then the next program is up?

We have a known issue resulting in the same black screen that we're working to address, but it doesn't sound like it's the same steps to recreate. Thanks for your help!


Each time it was just as a new show was starting on the same channel. It has happened about 30 minutes in, and an hour in. Both times I noticed was having watched the channel continuously without adjusting the remote for the period. I first thought it was because the specific show I was watching ended, but on retrying, it continued through to the next episode before dropping out, within a minute of the of the end of show 2.


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I am experiencing the exact same problem as @NFtoBC. It crashes sometimes after 30 minutes and sometimes after an hour and I agree it happens at program change. Pik tv app goes to a black screen, can double click the tv button and reboot the PIk app

@dru Is Telus leaving us Android TV users out in the dark or what?

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Interesting.  Anyone who has this working let me know as i'd like some feedback first before re-trying the service out.

I just tried to add online but of course Telus cannot verify my address for whatever reason and I really don't feel like calling in and waiting on hold for half hour plus.

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Also, quick question - how does this affect data usage?  I know with the crummy android box it doesn't count, but ATV?