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Pik TV is for the most part useless.

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I’ve had Pik tv for 1 month with the basic Canadian channels plus space, cnn, nat/geo for now. What’s wrong with Pik TV and why it’s essentially useless for most people... coming from the premise that very few people have the time or want to plan their day and certainly our evenings around the live tv schedule, we want to either record everything (not available on pik tv) and watch later at our convenience or want to stream it from the on-demand selection:


  1. The on-demand selection is poor, meaning most shows and episodes are not available after broadcast despite being part of your subscription;
  2. On-demand shows are limited to the major broadcasters; most shows or movies for example on space, cnn, nat/geo are not available on-demand;
  3. Episodes are not available immediately after broadcast and are typically removed after a week; if I had the ability to record a program I can watch it a year later if I wish;
  4. Many on-demand programs are not available to stream to apple devices;
  5. All of the programs are available from the individual broadcasters’ streaming services (cbc, ctv, global, citytv) sometimes sooner and for longer than pic tv; cbc’s app on-demand library is amazingly huge!
  6. The major american networks are not available: abc, cbs, nbc, fox;
  7. Pic tv is advertised as great for live tv... you cannot pause it... ever.


Conclusion, I would not recommend pic tv to anyone.

Get chromecast or some other casting device and stream on-demand from each broadcaster’s site.


Community Power User
Community Power User
PikTV is for cord cutters that don’t want to pay a lot and occasionally watch tv. You’re sacrificing many features such as recording, time shift, channels etc vs Optik TV.

The broadcasters control the content and when they release it, if at all for on demand. This has nothing to do with TELUS. For actual live tv content the selection in canada is still minimal. For that PikTV does fill that void well.

PikTV is just way too limited to be useful to anyone. Every show on the channels you have in your package should be available on demand. In it's current state no one should be paying for it.