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Pik TV channel token expired

Anyone Else Get Token Expired Error When Selecting One Of Their Subscribed Live Channels?
I Have To Kill The Pik App On Nvidia Shield Many Times A Day Now To Get It To Work.
STILL Waiting For This New Telus Box We Were Suppose To All Get.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you signed out of the app and signed back in?

Sure have. Only thing currently that makes it somewhat work is shutting the app off and relaunching, otherwise We get a blank screen with just the top row links, nothing else on the screen (plus the random expired token error)
The 'Updated' app on Nvidia has been a horror story and the NEW BOX is no where to be seen...

Same exact problem here with Nvidia Shield, blank screen with top row links only, expired token message, channel not part of your subscription message.  The only thing that works sometimes is Force Stop in app settings, or device reboot.

When is this going to get fixed?
You know I think most people here know all the "tips & tricks"
Log out, double tap home, reboot etc..
The point is we shouldn't have to do all that,
The app should just work, is that too much to hope for?