Pik TV browser now available!


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TELUS Employee


In addition to the Pik TV media box and mobile app, you will be able to enjoy select Live TV and On Demand shows through any computer browser via telus.com/watchpik.  For more details on minimum requirements and which channels are available please visit our support pages on telus.com.



Glad to see you are working on improving the service.

I would sign up again if you could support other Android TV devices as well as I found Pik TV device to be slow.


Totally agree. Telus already has an Android App for Android TV, and it has iOS Apps. They should ditch the hardware and double down on Android TV and Apple TV apps.


I think it is a good thing that they sell hardware. People confuse Android boxes and Android TV boxes as it is. If I was in market for a TV box, I would rather have a Pik TV box rather than cheap Android boxes. You get HD support for apps like Netflix and Youtube and the interface is more suited to use on big screens.

But there should be an option for subscribers to use their own devices like Shield TV. Telus doesn't have to provide support like they don't with customer owned routers.

If Telus needs people to test the app on the Shield TV, count me in.


Well the browser works but I can't watch the basketball game on sportsnet, says it is not available online. Yet I can't login to Sportsnet Now their app that is supposed to be available for sportsnet subscribers but that only works for Optik tv subscribers. Although I can put my tablet in front of my computer monitor and watch the basketball game. 


I am glad they are working on improving it but I pay the NBA for League Pass and all the games are blacked out that are nationally televised. So I picked up PIK TV so I could watch games on my computer but it only worked on my tablet and now that they added it to the desktop I still can't watch the basketball games on my computer. Optik TV is just too much money on top of everything to watch basketball. 

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Community Power User
@Greg939 my understanding is Sportsnet has not allowed it to be streamed with the PikTV Portal. Every channel provider ultimately decides how the content can be viewed.

If and when sportsnet will allow it. That’s ultimately up to them to decide.
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I feel the same, and that's one of the reason I unsubscribed and sold the Pik TV box.


I have a Smart TV, and then apple TV box as well which comes loads of apps , like CBC News, CBC TV, CityTV are free where as apps like Treehouse for kids, Roots TV which is a multi cultural package subscription based.. loads of such apps both free and subscription based.


Another box and another remote, I hate that.


One box and apps, will wait for PikTV app on apple TV box and/or as Smart TV app.