Pik TV box - 3 LEDs on front way too bright?


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Do you find the the 3 LEDs on the front of the box are way too bright? Especially the blue LED?


I covered the red and blue LEDs with black electrical tape, with just the green LED showing the box is much more discreet and less distracting.


Just wondering if this was just our box or if others are finding the LEDs overly bright and annoying. I realize that this is a hardware issue and outside of the TV content experience.


I tried taking pictures to illustrate but they don't really convey how bright the lights on the Pick TV box are in comparison to the other devices alongside it (Mac Mini and a Pioneer receiver).  Lasted two evenings before the tape solution fixed the issue.


Yes, I also find it too bright.


Indeed, they are pretty bright. Perhaps we can take that feedback to Arcaydan for later versions.


I would agree with this too.  If your tv is in the bedroom i can imagine it would be too bright.


The lights are a bit too bright.



The product team agrees, it's unanimous! 


We are working with the vendor to adjust the brightness of the lights. 


thank you for the feebdack, keep it coming! 

Fixed with duct tape, 4 strips thick