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Pik TV app on iPad 3


Hey Everyone,


On my iPad 3 (OS 9.x) I'm unable to scroll along the hub/feed bar. It is stuck in the default view and can't swipe/scroll "highlights--Live TV-----On Demand". It's basically unresponsive on that bar. I can still get to the guide and scroll in other areas, but the top is basically stuck.


Any others encounter this on their tablets?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@onetyme if you click on Live TV, On Demand etc. does that work?  Or you can't access those hubs at all?

The ones that are displayed can be activated. But anything "right" of those won't work because I can't swipe them onto the screen.

@onetyme ah okay.  If you click on a hub that's farther right they'll all move over.  Unfortunately right now you can't scroll the hubs to the right.

Correct. I'm assuming it would work but I'm literally stuck