Pik TV and Bluetooth Issue?


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Hi,  I am far from being techy, but am having issues getting my Pik TV to work sometimes.  Seems when the blue "bluetooth" light is on ( Pik TV Media box ) I cannot get into PIK TV.  But can access apps, Netflix.

If it's not on when I start my Media box, then it seems to work ( after a minute and an error message that says to try later).  The blue light goes on when I start the box, and stays on for the duration.  I live in a condo if that matters.

Does this mean anything to anyone? 

Thanks for the assistance.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Whether or not the remote is operating on Bluetooth shouldn’t effect you launching apps and specifically “PikTV”.

What error message do you see?

Have you tried factory resetting the box, and setting up as new again? *you will have to reinstall any apps previous installed that you downloaded.

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