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Sept 12 update


We have heard your feedback about the 3rd party app interruptions affecting some customers. Starting today, the newest update will resolve this issue. Please update your box manually to Version 1.88.202.


On your Pik TV Android Media box, go to the Google Play Store to download the latest update. For updates to the Pik TV app on your Pik Android Media box, phones and tablets, please update the app by going to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


More details can be found here.



What Else is New?


Updates to the Guide

We’ve introduced filters in the Pik TV guide for customers to easily access future dates for program schedules without having to continuously scroll right.


Improved Reliability on the Pik Media Box and Other Android Devices

With this new update, there are improvements to the performance and reliability of the Pik Media Box and also Pik TV app on Android mobile devices and tablets.


Smoother Guide Navigation

We understand how important accessing the Pik TV guide is for our customers. The new version of Pik TV provides a smoother guide navigation experience.



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Updated PikTV app v1.88.101 still no love for nvidia shield Cat Sad


is this avail in Quebec this box????

instead of the Arris model???

Community Power User
Community Power User

@modd PikTV is not Optik TV so no you won't be able to use the PikTV box instead of the Arris Optik TV box.

ok; is piktv the app on google. I just want the fiber tv on a google box from Telus that I could put kodi on to make it my htpc front end and stream to my desktop upstairs within kodi and sharre my content over my network behind my pfsense box.. if i could get all the port info set right etc.
1 less pc to build is a bonus to me .
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Community Power User

Optik TV is not available on an Android powered set top box. Pik TV is only available in BC and Alberta but not to homes that have Optik TV installed.