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Pik TV Removing/Adding channels


I am beyond frustrated with mytelus and the app.  I am able to unsubscribe from channels but am unable to add any.  What am I doing wrong?  I don't want to have to phone and sit on hold forever and a day.  



You aren't doing anything wrong. They simply don't provide the interface for channel subscriptions. I'd call Optic TV Tech Support if I were you. Pro Tip. If you switch to Business Mobility, there's a streaming addon you can get Netflicks, and Disney Plus with Discovery Plus for $25.00 a month. And then there's always Dream Streams IPTV you can pay for if you want more channels. PikTV is kind of buggy. For what you get out of it, in my opinion, subscribing to a few YouTube channels more often than not does the trick for me. But I'm cheap, so that's why I say that.