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Pik TV Program Can Not Upgrade

Just Moved In

After the upgrade roll out in November, the Pik tv box can not update any apps including the Pik app. I have lost the service for a month now. All update is just shown as pending and no movement of the progress bar.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Perform a factory reset of the box. Then redownload your apps. 

What OS? Android? Or iOS? Telus has broken the Apple app. They have already tried to say it was my wifi and all the usual garbage...

I have PIK on a 32Gb 4k AppleTV that Telus gave me. I can't watch PIK at all. The video freezes then fast forwards to catch up with the audio. Which doesn't stop playing the entire time. I also use Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ and AppleTV. All of which stream and no issues. Even YouTube works just fine. But in their infinite wisdom over at Telus, they blamed it on the apple tv box and sent a replacement. Only to have the exact same issue. Not my money wasted.

@AbBowhunter  He clearly states the android box. The apple app they're well aware of the issue and working to correct it. They have just recently changed the entire back end and moved off flash so there will be some issue to work on.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Flybob 


This may be related to an issue with the cache and data on the Pik box hard drive not being cleared periodically, resulting in an 'insufficient storage' error message that is blocking the Pik TV app upgrade. You may need to clear your Pik TV app data to clear space. You can do this from the Android TV home screen --> Settings --> Apps --> Pik TV --> clear data. After this you can re-try the app update from the Google Play Store. If successful, you may need to log back in to the Pik TV app. 


Full troubleshooting steps can be found in the support article.