Pik TV - Not Cool


Tried to watch the Bruins vs Blues last night. Have Internet 750 and Fiber. Video was delayed about 2 seconds from the audio. Didn't want to hear about the play before I saw it so had to mute the audio. The video was a little jumpy too. That experience sucked. Watched Raptors and Warriors a couple days earlier and it seemed fine. Will watch b-ball again tonight to see if any better.

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Community Power User

Try restarting the App, or the device to see if it cures the syncing issue.

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I watched the game fine last night on my piktv device.

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I noticed that you need to refresh the page alot when the audio comes out of sync. What a horribly designed product

Welcome to PIK TV.  Sound/Picture delays, No Internet Service errors, Adobe Issues, Too Many Devices (When only 1 device is using), etc.  The "P" in PIK must stand for Problem or Plagued as there TV platform is terrible.