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Pik App for Apple TV


I was a Pik customer, and I have a Pik box. I cancelled my subscription last year for two reasons: subscription cost and the glitchy Pik box experience.


The subscription cost is now $10 per month and that's fantastic! Thank you!


But I've asked before, and I'll keep asking: Please port the Pik iOS app to Apple TV.


I only need Pik on one TV and you can limit the Apple TV app to only one device per address. I'm absolutely fine with that. Technically this is feasible with Apple's new "Zero Sign In" coming in tvOS V12, as the device detects if it's on the Telus broadband only. I'm even fine with signing on to the app.


Please give me Pik on my TV box of choice. 


Because, sooner or later, someone else will, and I won't be a Telus user any more...




Community Power User
Community Power User

Already submitted under the Ideas forum. You are best to add your support for the Apple TV version there.

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Thanks @Nighthawk. I've added my voice there.


I see that Telus has removed the Pik App for Apple TV thread from the Ideas section. 


Is that because it's coming soon? Or that the Telus doesn't want to do it and is removing customer suggestions? If it's the latter then silencing the voice of customers has a way of making them follow their wallets...