I subscribe to piktv but I didn't receive a device for tv

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

By default, Pik TV does not come with hardware. You can watch it on Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, the Pik Media Box, on the mobile app for iOS or Android, or on your computer's browser at telus.com/watchpik. TELUS sells Apple TV 4Ks for $229 or you can finance them for just under $10/mo. You can buy a Pik Media Box for $100 by calling our contact centre (see Contact Us below). More details at www.telus.com/pik


The best experience is on Apple TV and Nvidia Shield. 



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Don't get an apple tv box. Telus pik app on it is broken (by Telus no less). Honestly I wouldnt have subscribed to anything other than Telus internet. But only on fibre. That way you don't have to have crappy wifi, again because Telus modems are garbage!! They have an ongoing issue with Apple products. If on fibre go buy a 3rd party mesh system and save yourself the headaches of getting billed for having a salesman I mean technician come to you home.