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PIK TV with a rural internet provider

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I currently have a dial-up internet account with Telus, due to lack of high speed internet service availability in my area.  I also have a separate rural high speed internet provider.  Can I sign up for Telus PIK TV with my current dial-up account with Telus? Or do I need to pay for the Telus high speed internet connection for this, even though I can't access the high speed internet where I live?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You have dial-up with Telus? I was under the impression Telus discontinued all dial-up internet services back in 2016. Are you paying for dial-up, as well as a higher speed rural wireless ISP service? Or did you pay a lower amount to keep an old Telus email address?


Pik TV will require a Telus high speed internet connection whether it is DSL or fibre. A number of channels are only available over DSL or fibre and cannot be accessed or streamed remotely. Plus when PikTV is running on a non-Telus network, it will count against any data cap you have on that connection.

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