PIK TV stops every day or two.

Friendly Neighbour

I have Apple TV with Ethernet.  Almost every evening while watching PIK TV after an hour or so, the picture goes blank and I see the dotted circle (waiting) and sound continues. Then the entire screen dies. I can get Vimeo and other programming at this time. But when I try to reload PIK TV I just get a blank screen. It stays like this for about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I get "no HTTP" I've tried rebooting Apple TV but it doesn't work.


I try using web browser on computer. It sometimes works.


This has been going on for a month ever since I switched to Telus.  It is rare to be able to watch an entire hour of programming w/o the **bleep** thing dying. I'm completely fed up with this crap. It takes an hour to get to speak to a rep. The last time he said he was going to call back but he didn't.

What I do is : using my ATV remote menu button and go back to the ATV “home screen”. Then you have to close the PIK app. ( sort the same as closing an app on your phone). Open the Pik app again and cursor back to your show. I am pretty quick now.