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PIK TV stops every day or two.


I have Apple TV with Ethernet.  Almost every evening while watching PIK TV after an hour or so, the picture goes blank and I see the dotted circle (waiting) and sound continues. Then the entire screen dies. I can get Vimeo and other programming at this time. But when I try to reload PIK TV I just get a blank screen. It stays like this for about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I get "no HTTP" I've tried rebooting Apple TV but it doesn't work.


I try using web browser on computer. It sometimes works.


This has been going on for a month ever since I switched to Telus.  It is rare to be able to watch an entire hour of programming w/o the **bleep** thing dying. I'm completely fed up with this crap. It takes an hour to get to speak to a rep. The last time he said he was going to call back but he didn't.


What I do is : using my ATV remote menu button and go back to the ATV “home screen”. Then you have to close the PIK app. ( sort the same as closing an app on your phone). Open the Pik app again and cursor back to your show. I am pretty quick now.

the thing is, we shouldn't need to go through all this hassle every day or two.  telus needs to get their crap together and fix this.

The Apple TV app was fixed quite a while ago. Perhaps delete the app and reload it again. Make sure you have the latest TVOS on your Apple TV. I have no problems with PIK since.