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PIK TV experience and feature request


I'm running my PIK TV account on Apple TV on TELUS' Internet 150 ... outstanding offerings for the low price ... poor navigation through TV shows and movies and on-demand - I guess Apple's "tile view" will haunt us for years to come ... clear grid view for live programming available ... I have no issues with picture quality ... no freezes ... no rhyme nor reason at times as to which episodes/seasons are made available for OnDemand viewing ...


The biggest issue I have is that it is not possible - to my knowledge - to pause or record programs. Wouldn't it be nice if you could plug in an external HD and record stuff or AT LEAST PAUSE? The Apple TV has a built-in HD, doesn't it?


Not a TELUS issue, but worth mentioning: the Apple TV remote is a nightmare: limited buttons, supper sensitive touchpad area, very small, slippery, no mute button. I got a case ($12 on amazon) that helped some of our issues. 


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Community Power User

Pause and record are options reserved for Telus’ Optik offering.

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The pause/play/record feature was something that Telus asked customers about some time ago in a survey. It would/will/only telus knows be available for a extra monthly fee and if I recall would be all cloud based. Haven't heard anything else about it since the survey though so maybe it got a poor response and they scrapped the idea.