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PIK TV Says My Devices Are Rooted When They Are Not!

Just Moved In

I tried installing PIK TV app on my Samsung Tab S, Tabs S2 and my Android Box and it comes back as says can't play because they are rooted.  The are not rooted!  All my devices are stock and have never been altered or touched in any way.  All have Android 6.0 and above.  Also PIK comes back and says " ACN_3000 theres an issue accessing this program" Please call blah, blah blah when I try to watch anything live.  Telus are you working on these issues? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @xristina 


Sorry to hear about the issues! 

If the android version is up to date and you are still getting this error when trying to install the app on your devices, please reach out to our technical support for further assistance.